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People of Skydive Cross Keys: Sarah Gearty

Sarah is the Chief Packer at Cross Keys, and has been a Chief Officer of Fun / Event Organizer for many years. If you're a regular at CK, she probably packed your parachute at least once, and for sure heckled you from the packing mat more than once!


Jumps: approx 575
First Jump: May 6, 2006 with Pali Rovnan
Little Known Fact: Sarah is adopted, hates tomatoes and can skydive with a bunny head on.

Safety Day 2017 Recap & Additional Resources

At Skydive Cross Keys, the culture of safety is one of our core values. That’s why the annual Safety Day is one of the most important events of the year. This year, despite the stupid unjumpable winds and chilly 30-degree weather, we were very happy to see so many people attend Safety Day for the safety seminars and refreshments, I mean, refreshers.

Excuses that people make to put off skydiving (Infographic)

We kept coming up with excuses to put off this infographic, but couldn't hold it any longer.

Top 5 Skydiving Photos to Take on Your First Jump

Skydiving is an incredible adventure that lets you experience things you've never felt before.  Between the adrenaline rush of that first step out of the airplane, the weightless feeling of freefall, a breathtaking canopy ride and finally landing and feeling the ground under your feet, it's one hell of a journey that you want to remember for years.

And the funny thing is that all those new feelings and emotions are so intense, that your whole day-long experience goes by in a flash. Things happen so quickly, and you can't really stop mid-flight to savor the moment. One second you're on the ground getting geared up, and before you know it, you're back on the ground, unsure if that unbelievable ride was even real or not! And all you want is to feel that rush again!

If anything lets you preserve those intense feelings and relive them anytime you want, it's the skydiving photos and videos that you get from your jump. You can only have your first ever jump once, so it's not even a question that it's worth hiring a videographer to capture those unique memories for you. If there is one thing that all our customers say, it's that the videos and photos are absolutely worth getting. And from our side, seeing people barely able to contain their excitement while watching themselves skydive, and having the whole heart-pounding experience come back to them, is really priceless.

The Fahrenheits of Freezefest 2017

Freezefest is a pretty epic winter boogie that is our unique tradition here at Cross Keys. A day full of chilly skydiving and a night full of playful nonsense. Our famous dodgeball tournament has been going on for about 9 to 11 years (no one is really sure). It’s always a night of ridiculous costumes, great vibes and a serious (though not sober) dodgeball competition. From crazy unicorns to men in tutus, we had it all. 

Skydiving in Winter: Pro Tips On How To Do It Right

Yes, you CAN skydive in winter, and ENJOY it too! We jump at Skydive Cross Keys all year round, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it at least once.

So WHY jump in the cold? First, you get to enjoy a DIFFERENT view. The snow covered ground and the familiar scenery, all shiny and white, is one of the prettiest things to see. Second, it feels good to conquer the elements. Why stay grounded and bored when you can put some warm layers on and go fly? Challenge accepted! And third, if crowds aren’t your thing, the drop zone is definitely quieter in winter. You can enjoy a more relaxed pace and avoid the long waiting times. 

Most Wanted Experience Gift Cards in 2016

We treasure experiences, special moments and adventures way more than material things. So why do we still buy our friends STUFF, when what we really want are more FUN TIMES together?

We surveyed our Skydive Cross Keys team for the most desirable experience gifts this holiday season. These guys sure know how to have a good time :) And, spoiler alert, their wish list was NOT just skydiving! Use this as your idea guide and skip the crowded malls this month.

5 Skydiving Myths Explained

There's quite a few false yet popular ideas about skydiving out there. We gathered 5 important ones that we'd like to discuss and show you the true side of skydiving.

1. You can get good deals for skydiving on Groupon and such.

The components of a good and safe skydive are a good and well maintained airplane, modern and reliable gear and a professional instructor. All of those things aren’t cheap. Do you really want to put your life in the hands of a skydiving center that saves money on gear or airplane maintenance? We urge you to think again. Also, watch out for the fine print… The only way a skydiving center can make those crazy cheap deals work is if they charge you extra fees upon arrival. Hey, there’s also a gear rental fee.. (like it’s optional, right?). Or hey, for just $50 extra we will take you to higher altitude! (Wait, how will I know the difference?) It  gets confusing. Choose a skydiving center with a proven safety record, high culture of safety and transparent pricing.

Skydiving Gift Certificates: 5 Tips for Gifting an Amazing Experience

You're about to rock someone's world!

Skydiving is an incredible gift and an amazing adventure for someone special.  Here are some tips to get the best value for your money and make sure your lucky friend gets the best experience possible.

5 Tips For Your First Skydive ... From the Pros

It’s always been on your list. It’s a long time dream to soar up in the sky and feel what it’s like to fall free. It’s truly an experience out of this world. And to help you prepare, we talked to people around the drop zone - from instructors with 20,000+ jumps to first timers who just landed. Here's their best advice.



The tandem jump was the best time of my life! I'm so glad I did it at Cross Keys. The staff is very professional and friendly. And I loved my freefall video. Definitely coming back soon!

- Julia R.

This is actually one of the best places I have been to.  The crew is really awesome.  Thank you guys for giving us such an amazing experience!

- Anthony J.