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People of Skydive Cross Keys: Rennay Blizzard

Rennay is our "dropzone mom". She is an A licensed skydiver who somehow manages to take care of everyone at the dropzone, from bringing snacks to cheering up students to just being there for everyone. She is one of those people that absolutely everyone enjoys hanging out with, and we are so happy that she calls Cross Keys her home dz!


Jumps: 72 (8 of them are tandems!)
First Jump: October 2006 in Hanover, PA out of a rusty Cessna.
Little Known Fact: Rennay was a cheerleader, and is a badass alto saxophone player.

Excuses that people make to put off skydiving (Infographic)

We kept coming up with excuses to put off this infographic, but couldn't hold it any longer.

The Fahrenheits of Freezefest 2017

Freezefest is a pretty epic winter boogie that is our unique tradition here at Cross Keys. A day full of chilly skydiving and a night full of playful nonsense. Our famous dodgeball tournament has been going on for about 9 to 11 years (no one is really sure). It’s always a night of ridiculous costumes, great vibes and a serious (though not sober) dodgeball competition. From crazy unicorns to men in tutus, we had it all. 



The tandem jump was the best time of my life! I'm so glad I did it at Cross Keys. The staff is very professional and friendly. And I loved my freefall video. Definitely coming back soon!

- Julia R.

This is actually one of the best places I have been to.  The crew is really awesome.  Thank you guys for giving us such an amazing experience!

- Anthony J.