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Skydiving Training: How, Where, And Why to Get Your Skydiving License

Skydiving is a fantastic sport: you get to leap out of airplanes for pure fun, face your fears, soar high above the ground and enjoy the view that not so many people get to enjoy. Plus, it’s a great community to be a part of: a mix of fun-loving, adventurous, free-spirited, and inspiring people from all sorts of different backgrounds that are united by this unique sport.

Skydiving is really all that, and more. The community vibe is very strong, the spirit of adventure pushes you to live an interesting life, and there is so much to explore between all the different disciplines and destinations.

Like all of us at some point, you’re itching to get started, but you’re not quite sure where to go for your skydiving training! There are so many schools, different training methods, levels, instructors, prices, and so many factors to consider.

We’ll try to lay it out as simply as we can to help you adult make informed decisions.



The tandem jump was the best time of my life! I'm so glad I did it at Cross Keys. The staff is very professional and friendly. And I loved my freefall video. Definitely coming back soon!

- Julia R.

This is actually one of the best places I have been to.  The crew is really awesome.  Thank you guys for giving us such an amazing experience!

- Anthony J.